STEP 1: Figure out her size

Figuring out your girl's size might be the easiest or the hardest part of this process. The best way is to wait until she's at work or away from the house for some reason. Then, you just weed through her underwear drawer to find her size. It may make you feel a little creepy, or maybe you do this kind of thing all the time. Either way, you'll have to dig through her clothing to find her size, because you can't just come out and ask her.

STEP 2: Pick a Style

Oh, you didn't know there was more than one kind of bikini? Sure there is! In fact, there are tons of different styles and a dizzying array of colors and patterns available. But because we're guys, we'll keep things simple here, sticking to the most popular styles. If your girl already has a bikini (or several of them), it might be a good idea to check them out. Then you can decide if you want to get her another one in the same style, or get her something completely different.

To give you a quick idea of a few of the most popular bikini styles, we've provided a handy little interface below with our digital bikini model, Simone. Click the top and bottom styles on the right to see Simone model them for you. Then check out the panel to the left of Simone for a description of each top and bottom. You can even click the tops and bottoms while Simone is wearing them to visit a site where you can buy them.


Enhanced Top bikini

The enhanced top is cut so that the lines running down the center of the chest have a slight wave to them, which serves to make enhanced breasts look even better.

String Bikini Bottom

For most guys, this is our favorite type of bikini bottom, because it covers so little. Just keep in mind when picking out a bikini bottom that your woman might not want to feel so exposed.

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